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New Members

New Members

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Tom and Martha Fait   Joined 9/1/2019


David and Lori Dreyer     Joined 5/5/2019


Wayne and Margaret Slaughter    Joined 5/5/2019


Therese Long     Joined 4/28/2019


Kyle and Mary Parsons    Joined 3/10/2019


Brian and Carol Keske     Joined 2/3/2019


Jack and Allison Pounds     Joined 12/9/2018


Wayne and Roslyn Dozier     Joined 12/9/2018


Toni Norris     Joined 12/9/2018


Bobby Watson     Joined 5/27/2018


Dan and Mariann Keeling     Joined 5/27/2018


Paula Lockett     Joined 5/27/2018


Randy and Danielle Lochte     Joined 5/6/2018


Laura Welch     Joined 4/29/2018


Carl and Shirley Petmecky     Joined 4/22/2018






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