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HCC Update -- Renewal

04.17.20 | Updates | by Rob Holster

    Have you ever seen the tv show, Home Town? It’s about a young couple in the Deep South who restore and transform old homes in their beloved home town of Laurel, Mississippi. They are driven by their love for what was once great—and...

    News From Rob

    04.04.20 | Updates | by Rob Holster

      What a difference a day makes! Just yesterday I was writing to you with news of church happenings, encouragement, and an invitation to tune into our Sunday service. Those things are still going to happen, but my involvement will be a little...

      HCC Update

      04.03.20 | Updates

        On Sundays we have been on the way to the cross as we have been going through the Gospel of John. The cross is becoming ever more clear and certain as it comes into focus. It is there before us—and this Sunday we will come to the end of the...

        Live Stream Update

        03.27.20 | Updates | by Rob Holster

          Just a quick reminder about the live-streamed service — Sunday, March 29, 9:30am   Just follow the link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=9oWm3xENJZk&app=desktop   During the service we are...

          Encouragement for Today

          03.27.20 | Updates | by Rob Holster

            So a lot of folks have asked me lately, “What can I do to help those in need?” That’s a really good question that deserves an answer. Most of the time our minds turn toward material needs—food, water, money, etc. We assume...


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