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Quick update

05.30.20 | Updates | by Rob Holster

    Church Family,   Just wanted to send out a quick invitation to our church service this Sunday. We will be meeting in person AND live streaming. Here is the link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAh34VOtkcI   We'd love to...

    Church Is Open Again

    05.19.20 | Joy | by Rob Holster

      Hello Church,   Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be meeting in-person again Sunday morning at the chapel on Crabapple--otherwise known as Hill Country Church. However, it will not be a typical service thanks to COVID-19 (details...

      Re-opening the Church

      05.07.20 | Updates | by Rob Holster

        Church Family,So we are going to open the church for an in-person gathering this Sunday, May 10th. As I said last week, it doesn’t mean we will have a typical service—at least in terms of what we remember pre-pandemic. I think it will...

        Hcc Update - Can You Believe the Good News?

        04.25.20 | Updates | by Rob Holster

          These are very confusing times. We are all processing an enormous amount of information right now—trying to make sense of what is going on in our world—good news, bad news, and lots of misinformation. It’s hard to know what to...

          HCC Update -- Renewal

          04.17.20 | Updates | by Rob Holster

            Have you ever seen the tv show, Home Town? It’s about a young couple in the Deep South who restore and transform old homes in their beloved home town of Laurel, Mississippi. They are driven by their love for what was once great—and...


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