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That The World May Know

Experience the Bible in its Historical Context on any of 100+ sessions with teacher Ray Van Der Laan.  Whether or not you have been to visit the Biblical sites in the eastern Mediterranean you’ll be enriched with Biblical truths, amazed by Archeological evidence and challenged by a Faith Lesson at a different site each lesson. Here’s how to participate:

1) DVDs and Lessons Guides for checkout/loan:  16 DVDs with 5 to 10 sessions on each, plus 5 days of study material for each session.  Preview the different DVD lessons on the website above to see which you are most interested in. Start your own group study tailored to your family and friends’ needs. For Questions/Borrowing DVDs and Lesson Guides: George Studor, (281) 415-3986, 

2) Videos on the Hill Country Church website: HCC will post 3 overlapping video sessions (only) each week (last week, this week, next week).  Note that they are 20-25 minutes each. Lesson guide and materials can be ordered from the website above,www.FocusontheFamily.com, or other websites.   The 3 videos will be posted each week for 48 hours from 10:30am Sunday to 10:30am Tuesday.



 DVD's available for check out


The Promised Land – Living for God Where Culture is Influenced 


Prophets and Kings – Being in the Culture and Not of it. 


Life & Ministry of the Messiah - Learning the Faith of Jesus 


Death & Resurrection of the Messiah – Bringing God’s Shalom to a World in Chaos 


The Early Church – Becoming a Light in the Darkness 


In the Dust of the Rabbi – Learning to Live as Jesus Lived 


Walk as Jesus Walked – Being a Disciple in a Broken World 


God Heard Their Cry – Finding Freedom in the Midst of Life’s Trials 


Fire on the Mountain – Displaying God to a Broken World 


With All your Heart – Being God’s Presence to Our World 


Path to the Cross – Embracing Obedience and Sacrifice 


Walking with God in the Desert – Experiencing Living Water When Life is Tough 


Israel’s Mission – Becoming a Kingdom of Priests in a Prodigal World 


Mission of Jesus – Triumph of God’s Kingdom in a World of Chaos 


A Clash of Kingdoms – Paul Proclaims Jesus as Lord – Part 1


Cultures in Conflict – Paul Proclaims Jesus as Lord – Part 2

 That the World May Know

By Ray Van Der Laan

Teaching from over 100 locations of Biblical Significance

A Focus on the Family Product


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